Artezen Calybra Direct To Pan

Volumetric Direct To Pan Divider

Calybra DTP is a unique dough divider equipped with Calybra’s well-tried dividing system assuring highest accuracy and product quality. The DTP version unloads the dough pieces directly into the baking pans, transported through the divider by a special friction belt. An easily adjustable automatic system, sprays the pans before the dough is deposited to further reduce manual handling.

It comes with side discharge and a large range of hopper sizes to suit your production line. The optional Memory connect pack allows you to set the required weight from a range of up to 250 recipes, all programmed from your desktop.

– Especially suitable for soft, high humidity or gluten free doughs.

– Important savings in labor costs and dividing oil.

– Touch screen panel with adjustable dividing pressure.

– Hourly capacity up to 2.500 breads.

– Hygienic and simple to clean. Full stainless steel structure.

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