Artezen Calybra Dough Divider

Practical, Robust Divider for a Great Variety of Bakeries

Base Price: $52,030

The Calybra is equipped with a gentle, oil-free dividing system. You can count on the highest accuracy for any type of dough.

This unique divider does not consume dividing oil, providing you with huge savings over its lifetime. A typical user will save minimum 4.000,= euro per year in costs for oil alone. By switching-off automatically after the last dough portion, further savings are guaranteed.

Its vacuum dividing system works essentially stress-free, further improving the end product. The large range of dividing brings flexibility to produce new products in response to consumer demand.

By its design it is useful for any type of dough: pizza, white, brown, integral, rye and gluten-free. The oil-free dividing is hygienic and advances product quality. At the same time it allows for an hourly capacity of up to 3.000 breads.

The stainless steel dividing head ensures compliance with food safety regulations over the entire lifetime of the machine. The paneling, dividing head and belt frame are manufactured in stainless steel as well.

Solid construction and well considered components guarantee high production capacity in a demanding environment as well as maximum reliability. Maintenance is fast and simple.

Meets the new dedicated CE standard EN 12042:2014 regarding the safety of dough dividers.

Available models with weight range:

0.2 : 25 – 230 gr
1.0 : 50 – 1.000 gr
1.5 : 50 – 1.500 gr (double piston)
2.5 : 100 – 2.800 gr (double piston)

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