Artezen Cubyca Intermediate Proofer

Artezen Cubyca Proofer

Cubyca improves the quality of your bread in a natural way. By allowing ample resting time between diving and long moulding, the dough relaxes without the need for additives. During the proving time the taste develops further. The rested dough permits an optimal final shape of the product, pleasant for the eye of the consumer.

The hygienic design of the interior with UV lighting comply with the latest norms and standards for food safety.

Its vertical design minimizes the required floor space.

The electrical equipment permits a perfect synchronization with the other elements of the bread plant. Resting time is easily adjustable.

Each dough pocket is replaceable individually, guaranteeing optimal hygiene at minimal costs. A fan for extraction of humidity is standard, allowing more precise climatic conditions.

Cubyca is available in different sizes and with numerous options in order to optimize any bread production line.

ArtezenCubyca Proofer

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