Bread Moulders

Bread moulders provide a highly effective way to automate a key part of your processes while increasing both the quality and consistency of your finished products. But this critical piece of baking equipment offers so much more — including increased safety and sanitation.

Automating the dividing and shaping of bread dough frees you and your staff to focus on other tasks that require more attention. You can reduce both energy use and production costs while increasing yield. By adding additional moulding plates, you can produce multiple sizes and shapes using the same equipment.

Dough Tech offers a range of moulding equipment, including the Artezen Plyca bread and baguette moulder, the AM435 and AM315 models. Our expert team can recommend the perfect equipment for your needs, both today and in the future, allowing your bread moulder to grow with your business. Contact us today to learn more.


Bread Moulder




Bread Moulder


Countertop Bread Moulder


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Bread Moulder

Artezen Plyca Long Moulder