Escher ESH Mixer

For Artisan and Industry

The ESH line of feeding hoppers consists of two models:

  • a version with a fixed position
  • a version mounted on a translating system

This one can feed simultaneously more lines (it can also be equipped with a free position for cleaning), allowing a consistent level of dough on the lower divider and a higher efficiency in the production.
Feeding hoppers are executed in stainless steel and their surfaces can be covered with Teflon. For cleaning purposes, surfaces are rounded without welds. The portioning system can be completely disassembled for cleaning operations. Oil nebulization system is an option.
Translating hoppers are controlled by a PLC for the synchronization of the elevator, oiling system and output points. Feeding hoppers are manufactured in different dimensions and heights, according to the specifications of the production line.

Escher ESH Mixer

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