Escher Mixers

As the national sales distributor for Escher mixers, we provide expertise in the selection, service and maintenance of the finest retail, commercial and industrial mixers available today.

Commercial & Retail Bakery Mixers

For small- to medium-sized bakery operations, we offer Escher retail bakery mixers, including the M1 and M Premium models. These mixers are designed to improve the quality of your products and reduce mixing times, allowing you to maximize production.

The M1 is a single-motor, fixed-bowl, spiral mixer that is appropriate for boutique and small bakeries, pizzerias and supermarket baking operations. The Escher M Premium has two motors, two speeds and a two-way bowl rotation capacity. This model has what it takes to handle stiffer doughs and more intensive applications. Its dual-belt premium drive delivers maximum power to the mixer’s spiral tool while helping reduce your energy use and cost.

We provide a full range of repair, maintenance and support for all our commercial and retail mixers and bakery equipment. Contact Dough Tech today for a personalized consultation regarding your Escher commercial and retail mixer needs.

Escher M Premium

Fixed Bowl Mixer

Escher M Premium Mixer

Industrial Dough Mixers

For industrial baking operations and distributors, we offer the full product line of Escher industrial mixers. Depending on your needs, you can select from fixed bowl spiral mixers, planetary mixers, bowl lifters and tippers, bowl cooling systems, fully automated (robotic) bowl handling and mixing systems and more.

Depending on your needs, we can assist you with additional tools for your industrial mixing equipment, including cold- and hot-air injection, hopper loading, automatic ingredient loading, advanced programming, recipe memorization and more.

The Dough Tech team takes the time to understand your operational needs, allowing us to recommend the most efficient and cost-effective Escher industrial mixers for you.

Escher MT

2 Motor Spiral Mixer

Escher MT Mixer

Escher PMD

Planetary Mixer

Escher PM-DB

Double Bowl Planetary Mixer

Escher PM-DB Mixer

Escher MR-PRO

Professional Mixer

Escher MR Pro

Escher MW

Mixer with Double Tool

Escher MW Mixer

Escher MD

Bottom Discharge Mixer

Escher MD Mixer

Escher MDW

Bottom Discharge Mixer

Escher MDW Mixer

Escher ESBL

Bowl Lifter/Tipper

Escher ESBL Mixer

Escher ESH

Feeding Hoppers

Escher ESH Mixer

Double Jacketed

Bowl Cooling Mixer

Escher Double Jacketed Mixer

Robotic Systems

Automated Systems

Escher Robotic Systems