Escher MR Professional Mixer

Escher MR Pro Mixer

The New Taper Bowl Locking and Motion system is Technically Superior to the traditional systems as it utilizes a taper coupling to join the machine and the trolley. The trolley is locked by means of a tapershaft that, as it ascends, centers the bowl and moves it into the working position.
The hydraulically controlled cone engages under the bowl, maintains constant pressure during use and eliminates any possibility of slippage or wear.
The taper shaft gives rotating motion to the bowl and guarantees a constant number of bowl revolutions there by increasing the dough quality and machine performance.
The motion system is noiseless and free of mechanical play.
Elimination of the oscillating movements of the head while mixing a fully loaded bowl and with particularly dry doughs. This feature translates into a constant distance of the spiral from the bottom of the bowl to improve the quality of the dough mixture and sheeting.

Available in sizes:

80_120_160_200_240_300_350_400_500 kg

Escher MR Pro

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