Intech Fiberglass Silos

Fiberglass Silos

Intech srl offers a wide range of fiberglass silos fit to store outdoor industrial and foodstuff raw materials. Fiberglass assures long-lasting resistance, even in an environment with strong chemical agents. Thanks to its features, fiberglass guarantees a very good insulation keeping safe the properties of stored products. Fiberglass silos are equipped with all the necessary safety tools according to law.

The extraction of the product is made by means of bin activators which are fit for mechanic and pneumatic conveying equipment.

Fiberglass Silos come in three different types:


Filament winding monolithic silos
  • Self-bearing monolithic body made by filament winding process which assures high resistance.
  • Extraction system is protected from bad weather conditions.
  • Fit for hygroscopic materials.
  • Available volume up to 80 m3.


Fiberglass silos with self-bearing metal frame
  • Fiberglass body made in two parts (upper and lower)
  • Self-bearing frame made of galvanized carbon steel.
  • Designed for transport by lorry.


Silos for the shipment in container
  • Fiberglass body is shared in different vertical parts to make the shipment easier.
  • Cheaper transport costs
  • Easy to assemble

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