Intech Flexible Fabric Silos

Flexible Fabric Silos

​Flexible fabric silos represent the most user-friendly and cost-effective solution to store raw materials in bulk indoor. Fit to be used in food industry, we customize our silo designs, tailoring them to suit the application and any local site restraints. The square silo design maximizes floor area and comes in a range of sizes up to 70 m3.

Flexible fabric silos are made by means of a metal frame and a bag made of antistatic fabric, so shipment becomes cost-effective and installation is very quick. The top of the bag is made of a filtering fabric and ensures a dust free surrounding environment during pneumatic filling.

Flexible fabric silos need low maintenance and in the same time they assure long-lasting life, the flexible fabric design aids product discharge with a number of different outlet options, in fact bin activator can be coupled with both of mechanic and pneumatic conveying equipment.

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