Why Does Your Bakery Need a Water Meter System?

A water meter system can be your greatest asset in your quest to create the best batch of dough every time you bake. 

water meter bakery

In industrial and commercial bakeries, you need a water meter system to maintain quality and repeatability of previous batches by regulating the flow of water into the mixing machine. 

Why it’s Necessary

A water meter system will ensure the right amount of water is released based on the type of dough you’re mixing. Adding too much or too little will affect yeast performance, and compromise the taste of the final product. 

When you’re mixing large quantities of dough, using a water meter can save time, preserve quality and ensure you are able to recreate the same product in terms of taste and density over and over again. 

How Does it Work? 

This system is easily installed in any room, typically mounted on the wall. Depending on the model you select, you have both automatic, semi-automatic and manual options for setting dosage amounts and temperatures. 

A top-of-the-line system has an internal memory that stores the settings for a wide variety of recipes. With a few touches of the keypad, you can set the dosage amount and water temperature. Some units can even be controlled remotely. 

Integrate Metering with a Water Chiller

When paired with a water chiller, a meter system is even more effective at ensuring final high-quality results. Chillers refrigerate large quantities of water, guaranteeing you always have the right amount at the right temperature ready to go. 

Cold water allows for longer mixing times because it doesn’t heat the yeast and cause the dough to “cook” ahead of schedule. Hot water activates yeast too quickly, potentially killing it. 

It’s important to find the right balance, depending on the type of dough being produced. When dough is mixed at temperatures that are too low, it remains moist and sticky. When dough is mixed at temperatures that are too high, it loses elasticity and becomes firm too quickly. 

The only way around the two extremes is to use an integrated system with both a meter and a chiller. Whether you run an artisan or industrial bakery, increased control over the dough mixing process is always helpful. 

Quality Is Key

Essentially, your ultimate concern is quality. When you’re looking for equipment to up your game, a water meter system is the right choice. View our online catalog and contact Dough Tech today to learn more about the many product options we provide for bakers like you.