Why a Spiral Arm Mixer Is Better

Equipping a bakery isn’t always easy, but with a spiral arm mixer, you’ll be able to produce many types of high-quality dough consistently. Compared to planetary and horizontal mixers, a spiral arm mixer offers clear advantages in function, results and price. 


Low-Heat Mixing Style


A spiral arm mixer works by rotating the mixing bowl as the spiral hook spins and kneads only one section of the dough at a time. The dough is never overworked and it doesn’t generate much friction. Low heat means the dough is mixed homogeneously, and the right gluten structure is maintained, creating a higher-quality final product.


It’s Flexible


This machine can handle a variety of dough types. It can successfully mix dough with low or high hydration. It’s a versatile mixer that can effectively combine a range of products from cake batter to pie dough to biscuits.


If you own a bakery that puts out a broad selection of products, you need a mixer that will cater to your product line, and this one does just that.


It Can Handle Volume


It comes in a variety of sizes, from 30 liters to more than 180. Finding the right capacity will come down to demand. How much dough are you mixing on a daily basis? It’s smart to choose a mixer size that’s slightly larger than the maximum capacity that you need. That way, daily use won’t max out the mixer’s capabilities. Your machine will last longer.


This machine is a good choice because product quality doesn’t decrease when volume increases. The same homogenous dough is produced perfectly every time.


It Will Fit Your Budget


Ordering a horizontal mixer of the same size will dwarf the price of a spiral arm mixer. Spiral arm mixers are a cost-effective option that saves you more over the years. This type of mixer is known for its durability, so you can expect many years of flawless operation.


Programmable and Consistent


These mixers are also programmable. Add a water meter for easy moisture regulation. Use a built-in timer to control the mixing process’s speed and duration. With the press of a button, you can walk away and take care of a range of other tasks while your machine works your dough expertly.


Depend on Dough Tech


We carry superior, highly rated spiral arm mixers — just the machine you’re looking to add to your bakery. Contact us today to learn about our full product catalog, and we’ll help match you with the mixer to meet your needs.