What Do Escher Mixers Have to Offer?

Escher mixers support your bakery’s top priority: mixing the perfect dough. Crafting batch after batch of uniformly perfect dough is a challenge that’s made easier when you have the right tools on hand. A quality mixer can make a world of difference.

Escher mixers are designed and built by baking professionals, for baking professionals. They are durable, time-tested machines used in commercial applications all over the world. When you’re investing in the top mixing machinery, trust the Escher name for value, performance and durability.

When a Planetary Mixer Is What You Need 

While the first Escher mixers were spiral mixers, the company has expanded and developed a full line of planetary mixers.

Planetary mixers use a rotating arm to mix in an orbital pattern while the bowl remains stationary. This type of mixer allows for an easy interchange of mixing arms, from whisks to beaters, but it also creates friction. But the heat can alter certain types of dough, so a planetary mixer typically isn’t used for pizza, bagel or bread dough.

Still, the flexibility of planetary mixing may be just what your bakery needs, especially if you’re mixing pie crust, cookie dough, cake batter or other doughs where temperature isn’t as important.

Escher mixers offer a range of options. Select from the PM line and choose a planetary mixer with a 20-to-80-liter capacity. Need more volume and power? The PM Professional Line offers a 60-to-160-liter capacity. Finally, the PM D line features a double tool and a removable bowl.

Prefer Spiral Mixers? Escher Has an Impressive Selection

Spiral mixers are a must for bakeries that specialize in bread of any kind. Spiral mixers mix dough gently, without the friction of a planetary mixer, allowing for a more homogeneous, even mix, and a higher-quality final product.

Escher’s M1 spiral mixer features a single motor with two speeds, one-way bowl rotation and either manual or automatic controls. The M & M Premium line features two motors, two speeds, and two-way bowl rotation.

Dough Discharge Systems Make Your Life Easier

Escher mixers feature practicality and versatility by offering a range of dough discharge options. Self-tipping spiral mixers like products from their MT or MT Premium line feature a dough-tipping system that allows you to tip the contents of the bowl — up to 1,500 or 2,000 millimeters (4.92 to 6.56 feet) — onto a table or divider.

The MD or the MD-W both feature bottom discharge systems that allow you to empty the contents of the mixing bowl onto a conveyor belt or into another moveable bowl.

You can also select a bowl lifter-tipper from either Escher’s ESBL line or ESBL industry line. Select from a wide range of heights to fit your purposes.

Dough Tech is a proud supplier of Escher mixers. We sell a variety of products to keep your bakery running efficiently. Contact us today for more information about Escher products, and to find out how we provide the mixing solutions you need.