Maintain Your Commercial Rack Oven: It’s Important

Your commercial rack oven is an integral part of your bakery, and it gets a lot of daily use. Continuous maintenance is essential — it keeps your oven performing properly, and it prevents the breakdown of parts. It will help your commercial rack oven last longer than you’d expect, and keep your business functioning smoothly.

Noticing These Signs?
Does it take a lot longer for your products to finish baking? Are you noticing billowing smoke coming from the oven and an odd taste to the products? Are you seeing a major rise in the cost of your monthly energy bills?
Each of these issues can indicate it is time to clean your commercial rack oven.
Check Your Door Seal
When your oven starts losing its effectiveness, the door seal may be the culprit. Make it a habit of routinely inspecting the door’s gasket. Try not to slam the door. If you notice any cracks or loosening, door replacement is an easy fix.
Calibrate the Thermostat

Another reason for an inefficient oven may be a problematic thermostat. Test the internal temperature of the oven with a thermometer and see if it matches. Recalibrating the thermostat can quickly resolve this issue.
Respond to Spills Right Away
It’s important to clean your commercial rack oven as soon as you can after a spill. Messes only get harder to clean as time passes, and they’re continually baked into the oven. Spills also can affect how your oven operates.
Crumbs should also be swept out promptly. Burned food particles will affect how the next batch tastes, and not in a good way.
Take Care of Rack Casters
The casters that mobilize your oven racks should be inspected regularly. Safely place the rack on its side and dislodge any debris that is stuck in the wheels. Make sure they’re oiled and moving smoothly. Order replacement casters when necessary.
Conduct a Once-a-Day Cleaning
At the end of the day, it’s a good practice to let the appliance cool, then wipe it out from top to bottom. Make it a part of your daily routine. The racks can be cleaned individually with hot, soapy water.
Make Time for Monthly Maintenance
Once a month, get your hands dirty and your entire oven squeaky clean. Your owner’s manual will guide you on how to conduct a deep clean that makes your oven look like you just bought it.
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