Should You Add a Commercial Mixer to Your Home Bakery?

When should a home baker buy a commercial mixer?

Maybe your countertop mixer broke for the fifth time and you’re tired of wasting money on new ones. Maybe you simply need more dough mixed faster and more effectively than your current mixer can handle.

Could upgrading to a commercial-grade model pay off?


Your Business Is Growing

You’ve spent years perfecting your craft and you spend hours every day baking products with passion and pride. Maybe you own a catering business or perhaps you run a home bakery. Whatever your pursuit, you need a dough mixer that will keep up with demand and help your venture be a success.

A commercial mixer develops quality, consistent dough in large quantities. It can easily replace your current mixer — you won’t even give your old model a second glance.

When your business is growing, it’s important to invest in equipment that will help you go further. A commercial dough mixer does this in two ways: It saves you time and money.

A Commercial Model Will Save Time

The first benefit you’ll see after investing in a commercial mixer is how much easier it is to manage tasks that used to take up lots of your time. For example, commercial models with a bowl lift or tip mechanism make it possible for you to easily empty dough onto your work table. No more time wasted scraping and lifting manually. You can also find a bottom discharge model, another convenient option.

Another way you save time is by making much larger batches of dough at once. Where a typical kitchen mixer can hold about six quarts, a larger commercial model can easily handle 60. That means less measuring and monitoring on your part, freeing you up to handle other important tasks.

It’s a Long-Term Investment

The powerful motors and unmatched durability built into commercial dough mixers pay you back over time. While you pay more up front, it is one of the greatest investments you can make for your home bakery.

If you’re consistently pushing your standard kitchen mixer to the max, the motors will wear out much faster than you’d like. The warranties aren’t as extensive, and you’re left with the repair bill. You will be buying new, standard-size mixers often, and you’ll have to handle the frustration repeatedly.

When you use a commercial dough mixer, you won’t exceed its limits every day. It can comfortably handle as much dough as you’d like to produce — maximum quantities are what it’s built for. You’ll have fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs and more money in your pocket in the long term.

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