What’s a Commercial Mixer’s Average Life Span?

A commercial mixer is a necessary part of every serious baker’s kitchen. In order to meet demands and run a smooth operation, you need the mixing power and large capacity that a commercial mixer offers.


Before investing your capital in a mixer, learn more about what you can expect in the way of performance and longevity. Does a commercial mixer last longer than a typical, budget-friendly kitchen model?
Check the Warranty Coverage
A quick way to learn about a manufacturing brand’s product quality is to check out the warranty coverage. Which parts will they replace? How long do they offer full coverage if the mixer breaks down?
Ask questions about the brand beforehand and see if the warranty is long enough. A good warranty signifies your money isn’t going to waste and you’re purchasing an appliance built for dedicated service.
You Have Control
Ask any commercial baker — how you use and take care of your appliances largely dictates how long they will last. You may enjoy warranty coverage for 10 years, but your mixer might break after five because you didn’t clean it regularly. If you purchase a machine with a five-year coverage limit, it may last for 20 with diligent maintenance.
With the right care, you can make your appliance last.
Don’t Overload Your Mixer
Purchase a mixer that has more than enough dough capacity. If you fill the bowl to the brim with every batch, the gears will wear down much faster than you’d like.
Mixer capacity is one of the harder factors to gauge before purchasing, but it’s better to have extra capability than not enough.
Maintenance Is Key

The second way you exert a significant amount of control over the life span of your commercial mixer comes down to maintenance. You could take one of two approaches. You could purchase the appliance and use it frequently, but never think about maintenance or cleaning until something breaks.
On the other hand, you could meticulously care for the machine, oiling the moving parts and ensuring all belts and gears are replaced as needed, on a regular schedule.
Which approach do you think lengthens the machine’s life span?
It’s easy to forget about mixer maintenance in your everyday hustle and bustle, but it’s vital to make regular cleaning a priority if you want your investment to last.
Purchasing Guidelines to Follow
Do your research before you buy — know exactly what you will use your mixer for. Know the difference between a belt-driven and gear-driven option and why you need one or the other.
If you have questions about commercial mixer maintenance or want to shop a large selection of reliable models, contact Dough Tech today. We can help.