Mixing Pizza Dough: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Crust

Mixing pizza dough in a stand mixer is the method of choice for many chefs. It’s faster and extremely effective at producing an even distribution of ingredients throughout the product. Are you interested in learning a few basic tips and tricks to improve your stand mixing skills for your next pizza party?


Follow the five guidelines below when mixing pizza dough in your stand mixer.

Weigh Your Ingredients

The best recipes call for ingredients by weight, not volume. Since flour can be compacted, you don’t want to use a measuring cup — you need a scale for the most precise amount. Invest in a kitchen scale so you use the right amount of ingredients every time!

Think About Your Choice of Flour

Flour is the main ingredient, and that means you should choose the type and brand wisely. All-purpose flour works, but if you’re going for texture, look for a high-protein flour. This will give you a chewier crust. For a softer crust, look for finely milled flour.

Start Mixing on Low Speed

Make sure you set up your stand mixer with the dough hook attachment. When you add the ingredients, turn the mixer on low at first. Slowly increase speed to medium as the dough ball is forming. All in all, this should take about 30 seconds. Once the dough is fully formed, let the mixer knead it for about eight minutes on medium to high speed.

Get Your Mix Just Right

Once you place all ingredients in your stand mixer and start the machine, keep an eye on the mixture and be prepared to tweak it as needed. If it looks too sticky, add a small amount of flour. If dough isn’t forming, you may need a bit more water.

You want dough that easily releases from the sides of the bowl. It’s a precise balance that will take practice and patience to get just right.

Finish with Hand Kneading

After you let the dough rest, finish mixing pizza dough by hand for best results. Knead and work the dough before stretching and rolling it out into your desired shape.

Upgrade Your Equipment

The best way to ensure you get superior results when mixing pizza dough in your stand mixer is to invest in the top mixing equipment available: Escher mixers. Depend on Dough Tech to match you to the mixer that meets your needs, whether you’re transitioning to commercial baking or you simply need a kitchen upgrade. We are here to guide you in the mixer-buying process.