Custom Made For Your Needs

Rijkaart produces a wide variety of universal make-up lines – from a simple make-up table to a fully equipped line. All Rijkaart lines are tailored to meet customer specifications. Rijkaart universal make-up lines are designed to be as flexible as the baker’s business. Extra tools for new products can easily be added. Rijkaart Universal Make-up lines give the maximum flexibility, quality and efficiency necessary in every modern bakery.

Rijkaart servo driven spot depositor and folding plow system produces a variety of filled and folded product.

After the products are cut, they are transported to the nose of the retracing system. After being sensed by a photo eye, the retractor travels to the back position and the products are
transported to the below conveyor.


• Quick and continuous return on investment

• Ultimate reliability and productivity

• Versatile system for production of different laminated products

• Fast and efficient hygiene cycles

• Simple to operate with menu driven control system

• Able to connect to your network

• Available in widths up to 1500 mm

Please feel free to give us a call anytime for pricing at 800 896 3706. You can also leave us a message and we will get back to you.

See Video of the Rijkaart Make Up Line