Custom Made For Your Needs

Rijkaart produces a full range of Laminators in all configurations including our unique Compact Laminator. The Rijkaart Compact Laminator is truly unique because of the maximum output (up to 4000 kg per hour) in the minimum of space. The Rijkaart Laminator has been designed according to the latest hygiene standards, for the continuous industrial production of laminated products. All Rijkaart lines are tailored to meet customer specifications. The Rijkaart Laminators can produce a large variety of high-quality products with efficiency and consistency.

The Rijkaart continuous folding system has been designed so that the supply conveyor is situated just above the outfeed conveyor. The reduced drop height minimizes the stretching of the dough as it is transferred from one conveyor to the other, thereby maintaining the integrity of the fat band encapsulated within the dough sheet. Alternatively, with the cutand-stack method, the dough sheet is cut to length and then penny-stacked onto a conveyor mounted below the retracting unit.

The Rijkaart fat/butter pump especially developed to sheet all types of fat, margarine and butter from a block into a continuous band. The width and thickness of the fat sheet can be accurately adjusted in a matter of seconds simply by changing the front plate of the fat nozzle.


• Quick and continuous return on investment

• Ultimate reliability and productivity

• Versatile system for production of different laminated products

• Fast and efficient hygiene cycles

• Simple to operate with menu driven control system

• Able to connect to your network • Available in widths up
to 1500 mm

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See Video of the Rijkaart Laminator